ryan ward

Ryan Ward

I started CrossFit the first month Deer Creek CrossFit opened and was coming off a knee surgery and was very out of shape. After playing college football I couldn’t find a workout that I enjoyed and was committed to. In the before picture I was 225 lbs and the after picture I was 210lbs. In 2016 I hit 400 lb back Squat, 280 lb bench press, 525 lb deadlift, and competed in my first two RX competitions. I’m constantly pushed by the coaches (Especially Kevin) and enjoy the friends I’ve made over the last 3 years.  

courtney dishman

Courtney Dishman

The coaching staff at DXCF continues to help me to challenge myself and not only coaches me thru a work out but actually works at teaching me what the function and benefit of the workout are for. As a team they work to encourage you to push thru the barriers you set for yourself and to face any fears you may have head on. They are honest about the hard work the process is but are happy to walk thru that journey with you and to encourage you during those times you fight facing having to do it.

ray carter

Ray Carter

I was intimidated by CrossFit for a few years. The coaches at Deer Creek CrossFit have helped me master most of the movements in a short time and continue to work with me on others. There’s nothing better than struggling with a difficult workout and having my teammates encourage me to stretch myself further than I thought I could. If you’re standing on the sideline and wondering if you can handle CrossFit, give Deer Creek CrossFit a chance. You won’t regret it!

jake mcclain

Jake McClain

A few winters ago I was looking for a place to work out which wasn’t ‘ordinary’. I had friends who did CrossFit, a couple actually owned one, but I never really considered doing it until DCXF opened just down the street from where I lived. At that time I figured I didn’t have any excuses not to try it. I have been lucky enough to have been a part of this gym since it’s very first 5:30am class all those years ago and have been honored to have been a part of the family they gym has grown into. I have learned a CrossFit gym is more than just a place to sweat and get fit. It can be a place where relationships and friendships can become forged in the fire of anguish. I believe that is what CrossFit is really all about. Every time I walk into the gym, I’m home. Whether it’s just to cheer on and help motivate classes, hang out or actually pick up something heavy for time, I am always welcome. This gym is not only about getting fit, it’s really about loving getting fit with amazing people.

Marti Coppernoll

Marti Coppernoll

As a newbie to CrossFit, I was quite apprehensive about joining.  But, I have found that Deer Creek CrossFit has incredibly knowledgeable and patient instructors.  They are willing to show modifications when I need them and also there to give me that little push to do more when I need it.  Not only are the instructors world class, but also the fellow members are extremely supportive.  The members always cheer each other on and help motivate each other through the workouts.  Deer Creek CrossFit pairs a positive atmosphere with killer workouts, it’s such a great place!

tony lugafet

Tony Lugafet

At forty six I realized I was overweight and out of shape, and it was time to improve my health. A couple of friends were considering DCXF and went by and caught the evening class. The energy was high, the pace was fast, and the facility was clean. We started two days later. When we walked in the music was pumping and there was chalk all over the floor with mad dashes and lines on the rubber floor tiles. As we progressed through the workout I noticed I was working muscles and a combination of routines my body wasn’t used to. My lungs were burning and my heart was pumping like crazy. Everyone in the box was pushing one another. I have never had a workout that was so positive and productive in such a short time. This is why I chose DCXF and to this day love this place. People work as hard if not harder and help you get through the workouts. If your away on business or not available they call or text and ask how’s it going. If you want to get better then you surround yourself with people that help elevate you. I have never seen a facility that is ran by better people or have better members around it.